CBS News: Tips to make your car ready for winter

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Minnesota Company - Hopes to Pioneer AI Car Repair

(FOX 9) - Most of us have been there: something breaks on your vehicle and the mechanic bill is more than you can afford. But now, there's a way to diagnose and fix the problem without ever entering a shop.


Using artificial intelligence, a new Minnesota-based startup called Raise a Hood is empowering car owners to do their own repairs while also offering community learnings and virtual consultations with real-life mechanics.

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Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal: Ex-Ford engineer grows AI startup offering telemedicine for cars

Ex-Ford engineer grows AI startup offering telemedicine for cars

Raise a Hood co-founders Michael Petersen, left, and Patrick Nunally Raise a Hood
By J.D. Duggan - Staff Reporter
Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal
July 11, 2023 

Michael Petersen received a "dreaded" call from his son. He was stranded on the side of a desert road on the way to California. The car overheated and Petersen, a former engineer at Ford Motor Co., had to help.

His son nursed the car to the coast, where Petersen talked to a mechanic about fixing the overheating issue. He was charged $600 to change what Petersen later learned was......Read Full Article