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Raise a Hood® Revolutionizes Vehicle Repair

We believe everyone is entitled to affordable, transparent vehicle repair and maintenance. That’s why Raise a Hood connects you with verified knowledge and crowd learnings coupled with artificial intelligence, and easy access to consultations with certified mechanics so you can get to the root of your car’s problem, fast. If you want maximum savings, we can even show you how to do it yourself!

For Car Owners

We analyze vehicle symptoms with advanced AI to get to the root of your automotive problem, just like your doctor. From beginners to motorheads, we give you the right information to make smarter decisions when you bring your vehicle to a shop, so you are not overcharged. We will even show you how to repair it yourself, just like the pros, for maximum savings.

For Contributors

Profit from your expertise. Whether you have knowledge of many makes and models or are an expert in just your favorite, now you can earn from contributing to the community knowledge base.

For Professional Mechanics

Capitalize on your hard-earned expertise and become a telemechanic. It’s a great alternative to traditional roles and virtually no physical effort. Seasonal employment, early retirement or a predictable side hustle; we want your expertise!

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