Vehicle Care

How Raise a Hood® Works

Raise a Hood gets to the root of your vehicle’s problem using artificial intelligence backed by certified mechanics’ expertise and community learnings to help you make the smartest decision, in just a few clicks, to potentially save you $1000s.

At Raise a Hood, we believe everyone has the right to affordable vehicle maintenance and repair, informed by unbiased guidance to make the right decision for their vehicle.

  • Our AI-powered solution gives you the right information for your vehicle’s make and model so you can get to the root of your problem before visiting a repair shop. We deliver easy-to-understand diagnostics, decision-making insights, and self-repair guidance.

  • You can also access one-on-one help from our certified telemechanics to get personalized advice and guidance when you need it the most. With their guidance and our AI-powered solutions, you can make smarter decisions at the shop or get step-by-step guidance to make repairs yourself.

Together, we are fixing the broken and overpriced repair industry. Join the revolution and take control of your vehicle maintenance and repairs so you can keep your vehicle on the road, and your money in your pocket.