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Steve Lawrence
4.5 (4 Reviews)
  • $21 for 15 min consult
Master Mechanic
37 years of experience
15 minute consultation
$21 Questions, estimates, and troubleshooting
30 minute consultation
$39 Standard diagnostics
60 minute consultation
$71 Complex problems and analysis
About me
I grew up in a blue-collar home, watching my dad keep our family cars on the road. He was not a mechanic by trade but could fix anything that came his way. I loved helping him work on cars and discovered he had great problem-solving skills when repairing vehicles. He had a true gift.

I also had uncles that were professional mechanics covering various automobiles and agriculture applications. I loved being around people with so much knowledge and a passion for repairing things correctly, problems that seemed impossible to the average person. The seed was planted, and my career charter was firmly defined.

I graduated from Brainerd Vocational Institute in Brainerd, MN, and started my professional career at a Nissan / Mercedes dealership. I loved the Mercedes vehicles and jumped at the chance to become a dedicated Mercedes Technician. I have been a Mercedes Technician for almost 37 years, since 1986.

The Mercedes brand deserves its high reputation. I believe in the quality and fine art of German engineering from the old to the new; as proof of this belief, I own 6 Mercedes (none with fewer than 100k miles).

Along the way, I have fixed everything from early sixties Pagodas to the high-tech S classes of 2020, and everything in between. Due to my passion for more vintage models, I generally focus on everything older than the early 2000 model years.

I attended Mercedes Benz training courses annually and have well over 250 Mercedes Benz training courses and credits. I am a master-certified Mercedes Technician. Throughout my career, I have been a line technician, a mentor to the newer technicians, a team leader, a foreman, and a specialist for the older Mercedes models.

I retired from the dealership last year, but I still currently service customers' cars from my home shop. My customers and their families have become my friends; they trust me like family.

As you can tell, I am passionate about Mercedes vehicles, especially older models, and I love helping others keep their cars in good repair. Becoming a Raise a Hood Telemechanic was an opportunity that was both unexpected and welcomed. I like sharing my expertise with people worldwide and helping people directly without a service manager between the customer and the technician.
Automotive and Industry Experience
  • 5 years as team leader.
  • 5 years as a shop foreman.
  • 20 plus years as the classic car specialist. I have worked on the Mercedes as far back as the late fifties.
  • 33 years at a Mercedes dealership
Technical certifications
  • A1: Engine Repair Certification
  • A3: Manual Drive Train & Axles Certification
  • I have attended well over 250 Mercedes training courses.
  • Advanced engine diagnostics
  • Telematics diagnostic and repair.
  • Engine management
  • Advanced electrical diagnostic
  • Driveline diagnostic
  • Alignment and suspension
More about me
Favorite current car 2020 Dodge Ram Laramie
The one car I regret selling
1970 Dodge Challenger
  • I heat my home and shop with an outdoor wood boiler. i spend a lot of time cutting splitting and stacking firewood.
Home State
  • Minnesota
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    Thanks, Steve, for explaining how the worn brake warning system works on my wife's GLC43. Since our conversation, I haven't yet been able to turn it off, but I'm still troubleshooting. So far while at home, I pulled the F & R passenger side wheels, disconnected the wear sensors and used my VOM to confirm they have continuity. I also confirmed the one I replaced was OEM (red rubber seal). The next step is to spend some time at a nearby shop where I have access to their scanners and their body lifts. I'll use a scanner to determine whether the front or rear circuit is the issue. Then, while on the body lift with the wheel pulled, I can jumper the car-side circuit while the ignition is on (I didn't feel comfortable doing this part at home on a jack stand). I'll go from there based on my findings. Probably another week or so before I can get through this. Thanks again!
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    Steven was a lifesaver when I needed help diagnosing my car's issues. He quickly pinpointed that my serpentine belt needed replacement. Saved a 100 bucks and I had a stress free experience.
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    Great advice!