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Matt Holmen
4.5 (4 Reviews)
  • $19 for 15 min consult
Master Mechanic
33 years of experience
Acura Buick Chevrolet Chrysler Dodge Ford Honda Hyundai Jeep Kia Nissan RAM Subaru Toyota
15 minute consultation
$19 Questions, estimates, and troubleshooting
30 minute consultation
$35 Standard diagnostics
60 minute consultation
$64 Complex problems and analysis
About me
I have been in the automobile service industry my entire career (since the age of 15); fixing things has always fascinated me!

Over my 35-year career, I've seen the industry from multiple perspectives. I have worked for independent business owners, large dealerships and have run my own automotive repair shop for 15 years. As such, I have seen many different types of repairs and services and have always tried to help people through difficult situations on with their vehicles.

I've generally gravitated to roles where I could work the way I want to rather than the high-pressure sales environment that that is so common in our sector. It has been painful to watch the repair industry transform itself into a higher margin (and higher cost) business model that is constantly driving for additional profits. It has taught me a lot about the auto repair industry and its customers. For this reason, I have focused on small shops of my own and those of my partners so that I can run the business honestly and ethically.

My favorite part of my job is my one-on-one interactions with customers. Good customer communication and service is critical for the success of any business. I enjoy helping clients understand why their car is having issues and make sure they know what we are doing to repair it, and why it is necessary. As a result, I have many relationships with customers that have turned into a very loyal clientele list going back generations. I consider myself the "safe zone" for people when dealing with a stressful situation, where they can receive honest and thoughtful advice.

One of my specialties in this field is being able to help with very tough, odd, or difficult repair situations. Those broken bolts, backed into a corner, "no way out" or "we've tried everything" scenarios are a specialty of mine.

I am currently A.S.E. Master Tech Certified and continuing with my education every year, with over 100 training classes to my credit.

I look forward to working together and helping you solve your automotive problem.
Automotive and Industry Experience
  • 7 years of GM dealerships & training
  • 8 years of family-owned independent repair shops
  • 15 years of owning my own Auto Repair shop. Servicing all makes and models, specializing in customer service
  • 5 years - Advisor to local shops. Helping improve operations in multiple aspects of Auto Repair / Technicians, Parts, Service Advisors, & Management
Technical certifications
  • A1: Engine Repair Certification
More about me
Favorite current car 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan - Home Improvement Store trips are a breeze, Stow & Go!
The one car I regret selling
1978 Ford F100 Pick Up - 1st vehicle owned, was learning to work on it before I could drive it
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  • Outdoor activities with my dogs
Home State
  • Minnesota
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    I appreciate the help
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    Matt was fantastic. Our son accidentally ripped the splash shield off the Honda…but Matt explained it wasn’t serious and helped us save over $100 on an easy repair. The call was choppy and cut out a bit, but overall, I'm still happy.
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    Outstanding call! Big takeaways on the cars problem is first cleaning the consenter radiator in front of the main radiator, then due to the type of refrigerant used I will need to take it in asking for a leak check and refill. Estimated cost 300-400. I also want to explore the filters behind the glove box and the share screen image was very impressive as it made it perfectly clear what I was looking at and really made me feel that Matt was right on top of things.

    On the RaH side. We need to put into the Calendly reminders a note saying turn your phones Bluetooth off. I had left it on to see how the issue presents but I didn't count on the safe driver system in the iPhone to override the disconnect. The bluetooth must be turned off for a TM call to work. We also need to provide a print button for the transcript and as a user I would like to be able to go back to the video as Matt was pointing me to some things in real time that I would like to refer to.

    Over all, that was more than worth $20 .... (one thing to think about is bumping the selections from 15, 30 and 60 to 30 being the min. This was an easy issue but it took 30m even without the bluetooth issue. Can I add more? Matt Let me know if you can see these comments.