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John Rush
@John Rush
4.5 (4 Reviews)
  • $29 for 15 min consult
Master Mechanic
33 years of experience
Acura Buick
15 minute consultation
$29 Questions, estimates, and troubleshooting
30 minute consultation
$52 Standard diagnostics
60 minute consultation
$95 Complex problems and analysis
About me
I started my automotive journey right out of high school by getting an associate's degree at Ferris State University. From there I entered the aftermarket repair industry for a handful of years. During this time I started a family and decided I needed to move to a bigger city and get into a big dealership. That's where the money was.

Moving to a bigger city and a larger shop created abundant learning opportunities. This is where I learned from experienced top-level Master techs how to perform difficult diagnostics efficiently. I progressed quickly becoming a team leader in just over 1 year. After just a few years I became an advanced diagnostic tech for GM.

After 10 years of success working on Buicks, a life change lead me to discover Acura vehicles. I instantly fell in love with the brand and dove in full steam to become the leader there. I became an Acura-certified master tech by taking over 930 courses in 18 months. This leads me to become the lead tech of our 5 man shop. During this time we had 3 of the company's top 10 producers out of the 375 techs in a large dealer group every month. These were great times. After almost 10 years there, a sports related shoulder injury gave me the opportunity to turn the page to a new chapter and reduce the physical work.

For 7 years I worked as an independent contractor performing vehicle inspections to verify warranty coverage. This created exposure to many different makes and models. This turned out to be a great networking opportunity. I was contacted by a headhunter and become a dealership service manager. There I learned that the dealership industry is not the customer-centric industry it advertises to be.

I am currently running an independent shop I with 3 Master techs, 2 service writers, and 2 interns. The owner is one of the techs that I manage, 2 of them are 22, and 24 years of age ASE master technicians and the Interns are 20 and 24. It is so much fun to mentor these fine young mechanics.

I have a passion for helping people, and in an automotive world with such expensive repair bills I feel privileged to be able to use my expertise and be a part of an automotive revolution. I am here to help.
Automotive and Industry Experience
  • Associates degree in automotive service.
  • 5 years of Independent facility repair
  • 10 years working at a Buick dealership as advanced diagnostic technician.
  • 10 years at an Acura dealership as a Factory Certified master technician, and lead tech.
  • 7 years of performing automotive mechanical inspections
  • 4 years as service manager
Technical certifications
  • A1: Engine Repair Certification
  • General Motors advanced electrical diagnostic technician.
  • Acura factory certified master technician.
  • A.S.E. certified master technician 30 years
More about me
Favorite current car Chrysler Town and Country. It's loaded, and it keeps my mountain bike secure and clean, with room to sleep.
The one car I regret selling
My 79 Z-28, supercharged 383 4speed.
  • Mountain biking, gardening.
Home State
  • Wisconsin
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    thanks, calm and great service
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    John was very understanding and wise about the automotive industry. I saved a $210!
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    TIL how to change my Buick's car battery. Thanks John!
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    Scheduling a call with John was a game-changer. When my gf’s old Acura MDX wouldn't start due to a failing battery, John's friendly and clear explanations made the entire process stress-free. He diagnosed the issue promptly and guided us step by step through the battery replacement. John's knack for simplifying complex automotive tasks made the underside of the hood less intimidating. We ordered a new battery and replaced it. Our Acura is running smoothly now. I highly recommend John's help for anyone seeking expert help and outstanding customer support.