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How we help:

Take charge of your automotive repairs without always heading to the shop. Our primary goal is to ensure your vehicle is fixed at a fair price. We partner with the finest regional shops, streamlining their workflow so they can focus on what they excel at—quality vehicle repairs. This efficiency saves money, and the shops pass these savings directly to you. Together, we're transforming vehicle repair into a win-win situation for both shops and customers alike.

Why we are different:

Raise a Hood transcends traditional categories—it's neither a marketing firm nor a direct repair service. At our core, we're a technology enterprise, fusing artificial intelligence with the seasoned wisdom of expert mechanics to forge something truly distinctive.

What if I’m doing it myself:

Whether you're searching for the area's top repair shop or tackling the job yourself, we're here to support you. Call us for reliable advice to ensure your car is repaired safely, properly, and without breaking the bank.

What others are saying about Raise a Hood:

"I was skeptical about mixing tech with car repairs, but Raise a Hood impressed me. Their AI and mechanic expertise made my repair
experience seamless and affordable. Highly recommend!”
                                                                                                    - Susan B, Chandler AZ

“Raise a Hood connected me to the best auto shop nearby and saved me from a repair disaster. Their advice is gold – trustworthy and spot

                                                                                                    - David W, Minneapolis MN

 “As a DIY mechanic, Raise a Hood has been a game-changer. Their guidance helped me fix complex issues with confidence and save money. Truly a revolutionary service!”
                                                                                                     - Nick H, Gainesville FL